What is Dial Refinishing?

Dial refinishing is the process of restoring the face of a watch (known as the dial) to its original appearance or updating it to a new design. This process involves carefully cleaning the dial, repairing any damage, and often repainting or reapplying markings and indices. The goal is to make the watch dial look as good as new, preserving or enhancing its aesthetic appeal and legibility. This is particularly important for older or vintage watches where the dial may have faded or suffered wear over time.

How Much Does Dial Refinishing Cost?

Kirk Rich treats each and every watch dial as a separate case because the history and condition of each dial can differ greatly from one dial to another. To discuss cost it is better if you contact Kirk Rich Dial Corporation directly, so that a skilled technician can handle your case and recommend further courses of action.

You can reach us by phone at (909) 481-1949 or (760) 843-3999

How Long Does Dial Refinishing Take?

The turnaround time for dial refinishing is 3-5 weeks, once approved.

Can You Match the Original Color and Design of the Dial?

Yes! In our watch dial restoration process, we possess the capability to replenish the luminescence on the dial, indexes, and hands. Furthermore, we can apply luminosity to complete luminescent figures on the dial. Our range of luminescent colors, including white, neutral green, green, blue, and “antique styles” are designed to enhance the aesthetic of antique dials, preserving their historical elegance and authenticity.

What Type of Restoration Techniques Are Used?

We use a multitude of different techniques when it comes to our dial refinishing services. For a comprehensive understanding of our services and the techniques we employ, we invite you to visit our services page. Here, you’ll find detailed explanations of each step involved in our dial refinishing process.

Can Additional Customizations Be Made During Refinishing?

To learn about our customization services please visit our Manufacturing & Customizations Page.

Can You Receive Watches Internationally?

We are currently in the process of accepting international orders. You will need custom documents for this, documents and pre-paid labels are your responsibility.