Kirk Rich Dial offers premier watch dial restoration, reviving dials to their original beauty since 1926. Boasting an extensive collection of dies, we effortlessly replace worn logos and numbers. Our services encompass dial refinishing and customization, from adding logos to intricate plating. With our unique techniques, we guarantee a dial finish that rivals or exceeds its original look.

Dial Refinishing Services We Offer

Dial Body Restoration

the “dial body” is essentially the face or background of the watch upon which all other dial components are placed. Since 1926, we’ve specialized in dial restorations, offering a variety of color options to meet both the dial’s aesthetics and your personal preferences. Satin Silver, Champagne (Gold), Grey, and Rose Gold are among our top finishes, with samples available for viewing. Other sought-after luminesce colors are white, neutral green, green, blue, and antique styles. We can even provide a two-toned or three-toned finish on the dial, ensuring we can cater to almost any specific color request you might have. ​ 

Dial Printing- “Writing”

Dial printing is the technique of imprinting text, symbols, numbers, brand insignias, and various other decorative or informational details on the surface of a watch dial. This procedure not only elevates the watch’s visual charm but also conveys essential data, such as the brand identity and time markers. This ensures both functionality and style in timepiece design. The inscriptions on the dial are meticulously restored to achieve a superior quality and precision. We strive to replicate the authenticity of the original dial seamlessly. While black remains our most sought-after print hue, we offer a comprehensive range of print colors, encompassing options such as gold, grey, silver, and rose gold, to cater to your specific needs.

Dial Figures- “Indexes”

In the realm of watchmaking, “indexes” are symbols or indicators on a watch dial, denoting hours, minutes, or seconds. Essential for ensuring the watch’s readability, these indexes also significantly enhance its visual appeal and design. Over time, the dial’s figures, also known as “indexes” or “markers” may exhibit signs of tarnishing. We possess the expertise to rejuvenate these elements to their original splendor, encompassing both riveted and diamond batons. If desired, we offer the flexibility to modify the baton colors to choices such as silver, gold, rose-gold, or grey. Additionally, we have an assortment of indexes available in diverse sizes and shapes ready for provision as needed.

Luminesce & Colors

In our watch dial restoration process, we possess the capability to replenish the luminescence on the dial, indexes, and hands. Furthermore, we can apply luminosity to complete luminescent figures on the dial. Our range of luminescent colors, including white, neutral green, green, blue, and “antique styles” are designed to enhance the aesthetic of antique dials, preserving their historical elegance and authenticity.


Dial finishes refer to the various techniques and treatments applied to the surface of a watch dial to achieve certain aesthetics or textures. The finish can affect the way light interacts with the dial, enhancing its visual appeal and readability. Here are some of our most common types of dial finishes:

  • Eggshell White
  • Brush Finish
  • Black Finish (our very own in-house black finish that is specially done)
  • “Pie Pan” Finish with the option of a two-toned dial
  • Linen Finish
  • Roller Finish/Engine Turning
  • Silver Satin finish
  • Gold Finish
  • Grey Finish
  • Rose Gold Finish
  • Chronographs

Date Discs

​Date discs in watches are the revolving elements, typically positioned under the watch dial, showcasing the present day of the month. This mechanism, an integral part of a watch’s date function, enables wearers to view both the specific date and the time seamlessly. At Kirk Rich Dial, we also offer restoration services for date discs, with options to modify both the body and the print color as needed.


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